How To Burn Bakhoor/Arabian Incense

Simply follow these easy steps to swiftly immerse yourself in an exotic arabian ambience.

1. Place a charcoal disc in the bakhoor burner (mabkhara).

2. Using a stove lighter, apply a flame to the charcoal disc until sparks can be seen self-igniting across the disc.

igniting charcoal disc

igniting charcoal disc

3. Once the charcoal disc is ready to be used, a grey layer will form on the surface of the disc.

grey ash forming on surface

grey ash forming on surface of charcoal disc

4. Take some bakhoor and place it on top of the charcoal disc.

5. Enjoy the fragrant plumes of luxurious scent from your bakhoor.

rich fragrant bakhoor

rich fragrant bakhoor

Please note: The bakhoor burner and its contents get very hot and must be kept out of reach of children, pets, curtains and the like. After the charcoal finishes burning and has cooled down, it will become ashes and can be disposed of safely.

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